The Clean Air Act (CAA) (2 Hours)
(CAA 101)

This course covers the Federal Clean Air Act (CAA) which was enacted in 1970 and substantially amended in 1978 and 1990. It was once the esoteric domain of environmental engineers, consultants, lawyers and regulators and has emerged as one of the key regulatory programs.

The course emphasis on the CAA Amendments of 1990 and provides a working knowledge of the structure of the CAA and an understanding of the diversity of the types and sources of air pollution governed by the CAA.

The course discusses in detail the history of CAA. This includes Criteria Pollutants, their health effects and the achievements of CAA. After providing a framework of the scope of the areas covered by the Act, the course will review each major CAA title (as modified by the 1990 Amendments).

The course describes Legislative overview of Clean Air Act with chapters, sub-chapters, sections, subsections, and clauses in an easy to understand format. Finally, there is a discussion on the success of CAA and its overall impact on the environment and public health.

Learning Objectives

In order to effectively deal with the myriad requirements of the act, environmental professionals (and nowadays, senior business managers) must have a basic understanding of the law and how it is enforced. At the end of the course the students will be able to learn:

  • Environmental science and environmental chemistry.
  • Sources of criteria pollutants and their hazards to human health.
  • History behind the Clean Air Act and Clean Air Act Amendments.
  • Know the salient provisions of the framework legislation that govern the CAA.
  • Achievements of the CAA in improving Air Quality, and
  • The students will find themselves ready to read more advanced CAA courses.
  • Legislative guidelines.
  • Overall impact and implementation of CAA.

Cost: US$ 69.99